Live Life Inspired! What Does it Mean?

When I was in design school, inspiration was an important topic.

Where does inspiration come from? Why is it important? How do you find it? Inspiration is an important part of the creative process. However, inspiration is not limited to the arts. Life is a creative process! It unfolds in the same way that anything you create comes into fruition.

As a designer, I spent countless hours and traveled worldwide to gather inspiration for the upcoming seasons. What I learned, is that inspiration is everywhere! It surrounds us through nature, people, places, food, events, music, books, and the arts. Inspiration is boundless.

Inspiration is that feeling you get when you see a beautiful flower or hear a great song. You feel it when you experience an exquisite mountain range or winter’s first snow fall. It is a visit to the ocean or witnessing an incredible performance. It can be as simply as a perfect cup of coffee or watching a sunrise.

Inspiration is a feeling.  You can feel an elevation in your spirit when it happens-your vibrational energy raises. Remember, we are energy vibrating at different frequencies. The best part of being inspired is that once you are inspired, you automatically inspire others-that is the real beauty of inspiration.

The live life inspired tagline is as much for the people I serve as it is a reminder for myself. I look for inspiration in my life every day.  I have learned that to live life inspired you have to be open to life, stay curious, and to let go of being judgmental.  You must drop the resistance and lean into the experience that you are having in the present moment with acceptance and grace.

Living life inspired is one of the reasons I am constantly creating events, workshops, and retreats.  I have learned that it is through positive experiences that we are all lifted. When we live life in this exalted state of being we feel light, and everything flows effortlessly.

Our comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. Be open to new experiences, and don’t let fear keep you from living life inspired!

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