She Left Harvard to Drive a Bus!

Recently, while catching up with a former student, she told me there were big changes with her partner. After years of working at Harvard and giving everything she had, she is pursuing a job as a bus driver! Omgosh what?!?! That’s hysterical I thought, from Harvard to a bus driver! “Oh yes!” she said supportively, “there is never a dull moment with her. She has always wanted to be a bus driver and she is done working 24/7 at her current job.”
It takes courage to let go of what others may see as a prestigious position to pursue a blue-collar job. It is so easy to fall into the trap of defining oneself by what we do and determining its value according to the status it holds in our community. I love that her partner had the courage to disregard what others think in order to pursue her dream. That is the kind of person who inspires me. I get tired of all the superficial measurements of self-worth in our world. We are worthy simply because we exist.
As I work to figure out what the next steps are for me and my small business, I am reminded not to be attached to any one thing. The possibilities are endless. A bus driver is just as important as any other type of work-ask all the moms waiting for the bus to pick up their kids this week. I remember thinking, when I was there with my kids on the first day of school, “God has appeared and he has disguised himself as a bus!” Seriously, I was so grateful for the bus driver.
We have the ability to live to our fullest potential with anything we do. As Mother Thersea said, “if you cannot do great things, do little things with great love.” I have fully enjoyed the work I have been doing for the past thirteen years and I can honestly say I have given it a hundred and ten percent. Nevertheless, if we (I) cannot make this business work, it may be time to start anew. I hear Amazon is looking for delivery truck drivers. 😉

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